Awana Travel LLC presents, Journey to fitness with Awana be fit

It’s no news that travel is good for our physical wellbeing and to us travel is not just about hopping on a plane or cruise. For us Travel is exploring places, taking on new adventures, experiencing different cultures and seeing the true beauties of nature.Fitness and Travel goes hand in hand we say this because being fit not only means physical health, but emotional health, mental health, being active and Smart eating. Fitness defines every aspect of our health and it starts with you.

Fitness is a lifestyle and we created an active lifestyle clothing brand Awana be Fit. A fun and vibrant brand for women of every shape and size.We want women to feel and look their very best while on their journey of becoming the best versions of themselves. Whether it be a walk, jog, hike, Gym it’s important for us to include it in our daily routine. And who said we can’t look good while doing it, Awana be Fit,Awana look good and Awana have fun while doing it.

With Awana Be Fit – Your Training Becomes Trendy

Integrating Comfort, Quality & Style To Tavel and Fitness.

Awana Be Fit – Be trendy on your journey to fitness!